Today's news from Beirut October 9th. 1996

Al-Hrawi congratulates John-Paul  II

The President of the Republic, Mr. Elias Al-Hrawi, sent yesterday a telegram to pope John-Paul the second, and congratulated him for the successful surgery he underwent. Al-Hrawi assured the pope that the Lebanese people as a whole are praying God to protect the holy father.

The President also received in Baabda the newly elected deputy Isam Fares, with whom he shared lunch. He also met with the French parliamentary delegation, in visit to Lebanon, the meeting was attended by French ambassador in Beirut, Jean-Pierre Lafond, besides the president of the legal matters in French Senate head of the delegation.

Skaf in Baabda: A new page.

Yesterday, deputy Elias Skaf visited the president of the republic Mr. Elias Al-Hrawi in Baabda to "open a new page "with him. After the meeting, he made a speech in which he promised Lebanese citizens to work for the unity and development of Lebanon, and to put away private interests. For President Al-Hrawi has a great role to play in the next period, and Skaf wanted to cooperate with him.

Skaf denounced the government decisions in the audio-visual media issue, and suggested that by dialogue, everything would be resolved.

He also visited president Hussein Al-Husseini and discussed the recent issues with him.

Harb met with Berreh

President Berreh received yesterday deputy Boutros Harb who described the visit as a formal one.  Harb said Berreh was against closing audio-visual media in the country, for the issue was handled in a wrong way. Freedom must be preserved, and all people have the right to freely express their opinions in all matters.

About the unjust enrichment law, Harb declared he and some deputies were determined to make a statement about their properties, and Berreh encouraged him in this matter.

As for the third topic discussed between the two officials, that is granting concessions about the Lebanese Radio Station. Harb said it was illegal, for the parliament had allocated funds to establish a radio station, he consequently asked the attorney general to investigate.

Harb also proclaimed being a member of the opposition, and he was making necessary contacts to form a strong opposition bloc, and hoped political forces and deputies would work together in the new parliament to enforce the law.

On the other hand, Berreh received also the Minister of Economy and Commerce, Yassine Jaber, and the Minister of public Reform, Anwar Al-Khalil.

Furthermore, Berreh presided, at 2:00 P.M yesterday, a meeting of the Liberalization and Development bloc, in which they discussed the urgent issues, especially in the southern outskirts of Beirut, where official schools are scarce while the number of students is very big.

The bloc decided to invest the money offered by the Syrian people in the following projects.

A French Parliamentary Delegation in Bkerkeh

The maronite patriarch, Cardinal Nasrallah Boutros Sfeir, received yesterday a french parliamentary delegation, including members of the law and Justice committee, and headed by deputy Jack Larche.

Sfeir made a statement in which he urged the authority to ensure all kinds of freedom for the citizens, and to apply to laws which protect all civil rights. Thus justice and equal rights would prevail.

Sfeir also met with Dr.Paul Al-Jmayyel, who came to inform the patriarch of the new political movement which originated on August 18th. Al-Jmayyel said the movement represented a great part of the phalanges party, but included all those who participated in the elections and were comprehensive.

Then Sfeir received Mrs Joyce Amin Al-Jmayyel, who came to support the patriarch position about the audio-visual issue.

Finally, the maronite patriarch was joined by the head of the Lebanese organization in the United Nations and the International Union for peace and human rights, Mr Samir Addaher, who informed him of the talks and discussions during the last General Assembly, and the Fifth commemoration of the International Federation of United Nations Organization in Luxembourg.

Al-Hariri headed an educational meeting

The prime minister, Mr. Rafiq Al-Hariri held yesterday a meeting with the minister of education, Robert Ghanem, the minister of  technical education Abd Errahim Mrad, and the head of the parliamentary educational committee, in which they discussed the future plans of education and how to develop them.

Then president Al-Hariri received the minister of  economy and commerce,Yassine Jaber, the president of the maronite league, attorney Ernest Karam, the president of the Independent Syndicates Union, Antoine Bechara, and finally a delegation of the leadership of Ramghfar party, headed by its president, Hagob Kassargian.

Jounblat, Let's discuss some files

The minister of displaced, Mr Walid Jounblat received yesterday in Al-Mukhtara the general commissioner of the U.N.R.W.A. in the world Mr Peter Hanson, and the general director of the Lebanon, Mr Lionel Brison, besides the former ambassador of Federal Germany in Lebanon, Mr Peter Kiwit.

Jounblat declared he went with Mr. Hanson and the delegation to Sibline's Technical Institute, and evaluated U.N.R.W.A's efforts to help relief the Palestinians .He said guarantees would be provided for the Palestinians.

On the other hand, Jounblat was pleased that the vice-president of the Phalanges party, Mr. Karim Baqradouni, drew back the defamation proceedings he was having against the minister of displaced.


The General Lebanese Series Championship in Football

The high commission of the Lebanese federation for football held its weekly session in the federation central office in Beirut. The meeting was headed by Dr. Nabil Arrai, and attended by the majority of the members.

After reading and signing the minutes of the previous session, the agenda topics were discussed, and then the high commission listened to the report made by the head of referee committee, and dealing with results of the physical experience undergone by the referees on October 3rd 1996.

The high commission took the following decisions.

A-To congratulate all referees who succeeded in physical experience, to address another invitation to international referees who are abroad, and to give the unlucky referees another chance, on october 14th 1996, at 4:00 P.M, in the local stadium of Bourj Hammoud.

B-To hold the match between Lebanon and Newzealand teams, at 3:00 P.M on Wednesday October 9th 1996, in the local stadium of Bourj Hammoud.

C-To make Al-Ansar Club pay a fine of 3 million L.P., because of the slandering calls made by its supporters against the other team.

D-To set off the 1st week matches of the general series for the first category from Friday on October 11th 1996, according to the following schedule:

-Friday 11/10/1996 : Achabiba-Al-Mazraa v/s chabab Assahel (at 3:15 P.M at, Saida local stadium)

-Saturday 12/10/1996 : Racing v/s Homentmen (at 3:15 P.M., at Assafa stadium)

-Annejmeh v/s Al-Hekmeh (at 3:15 P.M., at Tripoli local stadium)

-Sunday 13/10/1996:.Al-Bourj v/s Al-Akha "Al-Ahli (at 3:15 P.M., at Assafa stadium -Al-Anjsar v/s Arryyada wal-Adab (at 3:15P.M.-at Jamal Abd El-Nasr stadium)

-Assalam Zgharta v/s Attadamoun-Tyre(at 3:15 P.M.,at Tripoli local stadium) .

-Homentmen v/s assafa (at 3:15 P.M., at Bourj Hammoud local stadium)

E-To admit the results of the 3rd week of the series championship for the second category

Lebanon v/s Newzealand in Football

Lebanon and Newzealand teams will play today against each other at Bourj Hammoud local stadium.

The Lebanese team is thus training itself for the fourth time to face Kuwait and Singapore, in the seventh Asiatic Group, after winning (2-1) over Oman and losing against Al-Bahrain (1-2), in Tripoli.

The previous matches were not such a great performance for Lebanon team, for most of the important players are injured and can't participate, like wings Mohammad Mosolmani and Abd El-Fattah Chehab. Newzealand team had played matches with Oman (winner 1-0) Saudi Arabia (loser 0-3) and Qatar (loser 2-3).

The Newzealand coach stated that Saudi Arabia football team has a great performance level, and the loss did not surprise him.

The two potential team players are :

Lebanon: Ahmed Assakr-Khodr Borjawi- kyfork-Hassan Ayyoub-Korkane-Selim Hamza-Jamal-Babkane-Armine-Wartan and Hassan Rahhal.

Newzealand: Jayson Paty-Rodger Cray-Andy Riny-Graham Marshal-Jayson New-Micheal Mcary- Stewart Jackobs-Daryn Nicklylan-Simon Eliot-Chris Jackson and Mark Ebrick.

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