Today's news from Beirut October 8th. 1996

Tomorrow the cabinet session

Wednesday afternoon, the Cabinet will hold its weekly meeting at the government palace. Lots of articles are listed on the agenda, among which a draft decree to organize the Television and Radio Broadcasting Corporation, the issue of the employees of audio-visual media, in addition to a form of contract by mutual agreement with local contractors, after examining the prices of a project to expand the phone system (OSP2).

These are some of the articles:

Al-Hrawi received medical delegations

Yesterday noon, the President of the Republic Mr. Elias Al-Hrawi met with a French medical delegation, which came from Versailles hospital to thank him for sponsoring the Lebanese-French hospitalization symposium.

On the occasion of the children third medical symposium, organized by the Al-Maqased Al-Khayreyya Association, Al Hrawi received a Lebanese-French medical delegation, along with the vice president of the above mentioned association. President Al-Hrawi was then joined by deputy Marwan Fares, who discussed with him agricultural and infrastructure projects in the Bekaa region, he described his visit to the president as a formal one, in order to thank him for his attitude about the parliamentary elections.

Harb: I am ready to cooperate

During a dinner organized by Annahda club in Tannourine Attahta, the new by elected deputy Cheikh Boutros Harb made a speech in which he declared he was ready to cooperate with anyone in order to develop remote villages.

He also described the latest elections as stemming from the deep democratic roots Lebanon had. The people are well aware, he said, and they won't let anyone snatch their freedom or rights. Harb said he would not admit that Lebanon remains a farm, institutions and law must prevail everywhere in this country.

Harb was elected by 100 000 votes and he promised those people to work hard in order to recover sovereignty and make foreign army withdraw . On the other hand, Harb received yesterday in his office a palestinian delegation from the Democratic bloc, headed by the bloc chief in Lebanon, Ali Faycal.


An Arabic series in Volleyball

 "Achabiba " Club -Bouchrieh, Lebanon volleyball champion, and Sporting Club-Ghazir are organizing an Arabic series from 16th of this month till the 20th of it, on the stadium of "Fouad Chehab sporting complex" Jounieh.

Four Arabic teams participate in this series. Al-Jahra (Kuwait), Al-Wehdah (Emirates), Al-Ahli (Egypt), and Al-Wehdat (Jordan), besides of course "Achabiba" Club and Sporting Club.

The matches will be held in one period among all teams, which creates competition and makes each team, Lebanese or Arabic work harder in order to win the final cup. Two matches will be held each day.

Invitations to officials and Lebanese as well as Arab athletes had been sent by the Lebanese organizing clubs.

The series will also be attended by head of the Arabic Federation for the volleyball, Mr Mohammad Hmadeh (Al-Bahrain) and by members of the Federation, as well as other Arab sport officials.

Al-Bouchrieh and Ghazir teams are training hard and hope they will make good results.

Second grade weight lifters in Lebanon Team.

The Lebanese federation for weight lifting decided to admit some weight lifters of the second grade and of the youngsters.

Thus, in order to have new members in its team that will represent Lebanon in the 12th Arabic Championship,which will be held in Beirut.

The new members are : Abd El-Kader, Al-Ayyoubi and Assem Shreim (weight 54)

Hossam Al-Ayyoubi and Sobhi  Morstani (weight 59), Wajih Al-Banni (weight 64)

Zohier Trabolsi (weight 70), Hassan Anouti, Mustafa Ilani, Adnan Marfoussa and Hassan Khalil (weight 83),Abd El-Fattah Jalilati,Haytham Syour, Chady Rymou and Ismael Ibrahim (weight 91), Oussama Achamel, Mahmoud Ryhani, Mustafa Chouman and Youssef Chaleb (weight 99).

Besides paying the expenses of transport, the Federation will grant 300 000 L.P to each one chosen to represent Lebanon in the and 600 000 L.P to each one chosen from the first members of the teams, namely : Oussama Misto (weight 54), Maarouf  Tarha (weight64), Khodr Mounir Aleyaan (weight 76), Mohammad Traboulsi (weight 83) ,Hussein Moqaled (weight99), Rachid Al-Chatile and Ali Chqeir (above 108).

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