Today's news from Beirut October 7th. 1996

Al Hariri met with Jones and Khaddam

Saturday morning, President Al-Hariri received in his house the American ambassador in Beirut, Richard Jones and discussed with him the results of Washington summit as well as the consulting group issue.

Yesterday, he had talks in Damascus with Syrian vice-president Abd El -Halim Khaddam.

After wards, he will fly into Saudi Arabia in a private visit.

AL-Hrawi joined Al-Asad on phone

At 10.00 A.M.on Saturday morning, president Al-Hrawi met with president Al-Hariri; then he received a delegation of the communist party and came into meeting with Catholic Kaldan's patriarch, Ruphael Bidawid the first.

Yesterday, president Al-Hrawi phoned the Syrian president, Mr Hafez Al-Asad, and congratulated him of the 23rd commemoration of October war.

Bweiz, peace is in danger

The head of the Lebanese delegation into the General Assembly of the United Nations, Mr Fares Bweiz, came back on Saturday evening from New York, via Paris, where he met with his French peer Mr. Herve Decharrette.

The Foreign Minister described the general atmosphere of the session as dominated by the conflict in the Middle East region, especially in Palestine and by Washington summit .

Bweiz added that the peace process was in danger because of  Netanyahu's attitudes, and that Israel does not want peace.

He hoped that both the American and European views be unified to make direct and effective pressure on Israel. Bweiz had meeting in New york with Foreign Ministers of Europe and Latin America.

A message from Al-Hariri to Sfeir

The Maronite Patriarch, cardinal Nasrallah Sfeir celebrated the holy mass yesterday in Bkerkeh. In his preachement, Sfeir said that freedom was the most precious value God gave to man. Without freedom, there is no responsibility, no judgment, no punishment, and no dignity. He added that religious freedom was very important. Religious groups must not be prohibited from broadcasting their doctrines, but they should do it in a responsible way, not by force. Authorities must protect the civil rights, and provide the enforcement of  laws. These are the rules, he ended, that are implemented in most civilized countries.

After the Holy mass, crowds of faithful people gathered in the big square of the Patriarch palace in Bkerki. They expressed their displeasure of the government decision to stop "Voice of Charity" and "Tele Lumiere" from broadcasting.

A member of the board of directors of  "Tele Lumiere", Antoine Saad, then spoke on behalf of the crowds saying it was crime against humanity to cease the church from communicating with its audience."Voice of charity  and  Tele Lumiere  are means that never threatened the national security but worked for peace, freedom and love".

We wouldn't let that happen, he said, and we're strong. Everybody should say no.

Sfeir then made of speech about freedom and the means of communication, in which he made it clear that freedom was essential, and that media should tell nothing but the truth. He wanted a strong state that originated from a strong people, and said he was with each voice working for peace and freedom, in Lebanon and the region, and asked God, in this rosary Sunday, to inspire everyone on good thoughts and deeds.

On the other hand, the general secretary of the Maronite League, Attorney Nehmtallah Abi Nasr, considered that the authority was unable to close whorehouses, but couldn't hear the "Voice of Charity".

For this reason, this government won't last long , He also estimated that democracy must remain , because there is no freedom of communication without democracy and vice versa.

Sfeir also received two members of the christian. Islamic dialogue committee, Mr Mohammad Assammak and Mr Hareth Chrab. Mr Assammak carried a message from president Al-Hariri to the Maronite patriarch. According to Assammak, the meeting was fruitful, and will have consequences later on.


Al-Ansar v/s Annejma : 2-0  at  stadium of Tripoli, Al-Ansar won the super cup.

The first goal was scored by Abd El-Hamid Chehabe in the 37th minutes,while Annejma player Mahmoud Karnile scored wrong in his own goal in the 48th minutes.

Al-Ansar players were: Ali Faqih, Kyfort, Khoder Burjawi, Mohammad Diab, Bilal Zaghloul, JamalTaha, Salim Hamza, Mohammad Musulmani, Basel Talele (Ali Qubeissi), Abd Al-Fattach Chehab (Fadi Allouch) and Ali Mawass (Hussein Kiba).

Annejma a players were. Wahid Fattal, Mahmoud Karmb, Ryad Qubeissi, Hiclam Ibrahim, Abd El-Hamid Karaki, Hamza Naser (Mohammad Abou Alewo), Wissam Abdallah, Ahmed Boura (Haydar Hayek), Raed Abopu Annaser, Assaf Khalifeh (Jamal Al-Hajj) and Issa Allouch.

The game was led by international Italien referee, Sisarimi pierro, assisted by Mamjeremi Pierro and Pisaketria Marchio.

It remains to mention that, at the end of the match, Burjawi won the prize of the best player, and the amount of 1500 000 L.P, and Raed Abou Nasr 750000 L.P for the second place.

Lebanon Football Cup :

In the quarters of the Lebanon Football Cups Al-Homentmen won over Assafa 2-0 in a match on the local stadium of Saida.

Beating Al-Hekma in a match at Al-khiara, in the Bekaa, Al-Burj, along with Al-Homentmen, are qualified to the finals. Al-Burj goals were scored by Malarby (41st minutes) and Hassan Bahhal (51st minutes), while Al-Hekma goal was scored by Imad Waked (75th minutes).

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