. The Auto Service Stations Man
Abdul Kader Minkara founded the first auto service station in Lebanon in 1924 and was a leader and innovator in the field of auto service station management and development. Some of his key achievements in this field were :

Installing the first hydraulic car lift in a service station ( Phoenicia Hotel site ).

Opening the largest auto service station in the Middle East, with 12 car bays equipped with hydraulic lifts, and an automatic tunnel car wash (Zeitouni 1950)

Simultaneously managing 12 auto service stations in Beirut

Managing and developing a pool of car parks in the capital, including the famous Sursok Building (Radio City) car park with a capacity of 200 cars (owned by Mr. Minkara until it was recently taken over by Solidere).

. The Real Estates Developer
Back when Raouche was a distant suburb with fields of cactus trees and sand dunes, Abdul Kader Minkara had the vision to see the great real estate potential of the are. With initiative and courage, he decided to build the largest buildings in Raouche, the Yildizlar and the Boutagi Buildings. The Yildizlar building became home to the famous Yildizlar Restaurant and the first sidewalk cafe', " La Dolce Vita".

The initiative of Abdul Kader Minkara paved the way for other investment and development in Raouche, making Raouche into one of the most important tourist areas in the Middle East.

The above projects signaled the entry of Minkara Family into the field of real estate development. The company continued with the construction, in 1961, of the largest building and the first condominium residential
 building in Ras Beirut ( Koraytem). The success of this experience led to the multiplication of such "condo" projects. It paved the way for increased investment and activity in real estate all over Beirut, mainly the Hotel Bristol area along Madame Curie Street.

Minkara Establishment became famous in the field of real estate development. It's activities expanded into the Arabian Gulf and Africa.
Abdul Kader Minkara was awarded the Lebanese Legion of Honor in recognition
of his role in business and development.