TV-500 Stand-alone Videophone

TV-500, by Treudox Technology Corporation, is a revolutionary stand-alone color videophone system which provides simultameous video and audio communication over the standard telephone lines (POTS) at the regular rate. The TV-500 is an all-in-one solution with a built in 4" TFT LCD display, a high quality camera and a complete feature phone designed so that poeple can make can see family, friends and business associated around the world by simple dailing their telephone number.

System(ITU-T Standard H.324) -Signaling: H.245
-Channel Multiplexer: H.223
Resolution -CIF: 352x288 pixels
-QCIF: 176x144 pixels
-SQCIF: 128x96 pixels
-Frames/sec(SQCIF): 15fps
Integrated Camera -Type: 270K pixel CCD
-Automatic Focus Range: 5cm to infinity
-Auto exposure & white balance
-Artificial lighting flicker reduction
Display -4" Active Matrix TFT LCD
-Adjustable Color and Brightness
Audio(ITU-T Standard G.723.1) -Frequency Response: 50hz-3.4Khz
-Full duplex
-Automatic gain control
-Accoustic echo cancellation
Feauture Phone Functions -Flash/Redail/On-hool Dialing
Hands Free Speakerphone -with auto echo cancellation
Network Interface -POTS: RJ-11
-Transmission speed(max): 33.6Kbps
-Communication mode: Synchronous
Electrical -Operating voltage: 12VDC
-Power consumption(max): 18 watts
-Operating voltage(AC): 110/220VAC
-Operating frequency(AC): 60/50Hz

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