TV-400 Set-Top Videophone

TV-400 by Treudox Technology Corporation, is a revolutionary color videophone system which provides simultameous video and audio communication over the standard telephone lines (POTS) at the regular rate. The TV-400 combines with a TV and a touch-tone phone to provide color video images of family, friends, and business assiciates around the world. Its built-in surveillance function also allows remote monitoring of home, business, health care and security use.

The TV-400 is designed to conform to the H.324 ITU standard and is therefore compatible with any H.324 videophone. Features include adjustable picture quality, size and frame speed, electronic pan tilt, zoom, and snapshot.

System(ITU-T Standard H.324) -Signaling: H.245
-Channel Multiplexer: H.223
Resolution -CIF: 352x288 pixels
-QCIF: 176x144 pixels
-SQCIF: 128x96 pixels
-Frames/sec(SQCIF): 15fps
Integrated Camera -Type: 1/4" CCD
-Ilumination(min): 10 lux@f1.8
-Automatic Focus Range: 20.5" to infinity
-Aiming Angle: V +15deg/H +20deg
-Resolution: 752x480
-Horizontal Field of View: 61 degrees
-Auto exposure & white balance
-Artificial lighting flicker reduction
Video output -Main monitor: Composite
-Format: PAL/NTSC
Audio(ITU-T Standard G.723.1) -Frequency Response: 50hz-3.4Khz
-Full duplex
-Automatic gain control
-Accoustic echo cancellation
Audio input -Telephone receiver
Audio output -Line level
-Telephone receiver
Network Interface -POTS: RJ-11
-Transmission speed(max): 33.6Kbps
-Communication mode: Synchronous
Electrical -Operating voltage: 12VDC
-Power consumption(max): 18 watts
-Operating voltage(AC): 110/220VAC
-Operating frequency(AC): 60/50Hz
Dimensions -Height/width/depth(in):3.38x6.2x7.63
-Weight: 0.9Kg (2 lbs)

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