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The New Waterfront
    A new waterfront is emerging in Beirut city center. Curling around three sides of the 61-ha reclaimed land peninsula, it stretches over 1.5 km, providing an uninterrupted extension of the existing Beirut shoreline. The waterfront is the scene of intense development
activity. While marine works proceed rapidly for delivery in April 2000, the treatment of 18 ha of land has started, and land reclamation has reached 54 ha.
    As the waterfront is gradually endowed with two marinas, seaside promenades, a scenic drive (the Corniche) and a 72,000-sq public park, it is expected to host exciting on-land and nautical activities, centered around these and other facilities to be developed on the new land.
    The Four Seasons hotel and Marina Tower luxury residential complex, the Consolidated Contracting Company regional headquarters and the Middle East Capital Group and Lebanon Invest mixed-used towers, are among the first such facilities.
Marine Works

80 caissons were positioned
by the end of the quarter
    Marine works comprise the construction of a marina on the
St George bay (the Western Marina), together with a substantial structure, involving a breakwater and two defense lines, for the protection and sealing of the marina and the new land. The defense structure is specially designed to preserve the sea view and permit public access to the waterside.
    The progress achieved in construction, by Bouygues, offers a tangible idea of what the project will look like upon delivery. The 80 caissons forming the second defense line are already in place, and civil works have advanced considerably in the three-level promenade over the caissons.
The first defense line
is under reclamation with rocks and fill materials.

                                   The existing hotel district.

The Western Marina

 Landscaping is an important element
of the western marina design
   The western marina is taking shape. Planned to accommodate around 500 boats, it will be the focal point of leisure activities on the new waterfront. With civil works for the breakwater and mooring quays finished, the marina structure is now clearly delineated. Commissioned to the US architectural firm Sasaki, the marina 
conceptual design was received in July 1999.  It involves a clubhouse, a restaurant with a landscape terrace, a swimming pool, tennis courts, and service facilities such as showers, offices and a car park. All of these will be accessible directly  from the Corniche. In another section of the marina, a public quay will accommodate a diversity of shopping and food kiosks, as well as facilities to host exhibitions.
    SOLIDERE has received several firm to prospective investors for a joint-venture development of the marina. An international boat show is expected to be held in the marina in May 2001, in cooperation with REED-OIP, organizer of the Paris and Cannes yearly boat shows. SOLIDERE participated this summer in the Cannes boat show, as part of the marina pre-marketing activities.
Waterfront land development

    The treatment, by Radian International (US), of 18 additional ha of land in the original landfill, started in July and is expected to end in October 2005. Landfilling has reached 54 ha out of the ultimate 61-ha area planned for the waterfront land.
    These works are preparing for the development of the new land into a prime business and residential district with an exciting waterfront, destined to enhance the international character of the Beirut city center.