The Quarterly J a n u a r y  -  M a r c h   1 9 9 9
The new land
Land treatment contract awarded to Radian International.
SOLIDERE launched this year the second phase of its land treatment program, as part of the heavy engineering works preparing the reclaimed land for development.
The US$53 million contract signed to that effect, on January 25, 1999, with the US Texas-based Radian International, a member of Dames and Moore Group, came at the conclusion of a tendering process involving eight international contractors. The agreement was desctibed by US commerce secretary William Daley as "a win-to-win for American business and the Lebanese. It demonstrates Lebanon's ability to develop its infrastructure and maintain a sustainable environment that improves the quality of life and promotes economic growth and stability in the region".

Contract signing
Contract signing at the US Department of Commerce

An 18-hectar area of land to be treated by Radian


Covering the treatment of an 18-hectar area, the works include the excavation of around 5 million cubic meters of demolition and waste material which will be separated by the sorting plant into its various constituents, resulting in a reduced volume of material to be treated. The contract will involve construction, waste treatment and laboratory testing. The project is set to be completed in four and half years. The notice to proceed, expected by mid-April 1999, will be followed by a two-month mobilization period, with th efinal testing of the sorting plant proceeding in parallel.

As the project marks the most significant involvement of a US company in hte reconstruction of Lebanon to date, secretary Daley remarked happily: "This project means that the Americans are back... and we want to take part in the reconstruction of this lively country". "What I have seen of reconstruction fascinated me", he added, "because there is an unequaled will to rebuild, in a better way, what had been destroyed".

Mr. Profido, Radian's International's senior vice president, lauded the agreement as "truly a significant opportunity for Dames and Moore Group. We are dedicated to not only helping Beirut reclaim its reputation and status as the business capital of the Middle East, but also to bringing the 'can-do' attitude of American business to the Lebanese/American relationship".

Marine Works
Marine works, coupled with land reclamation, are gradually giving shape to the new city center waterfront. The Marine works, comprising the constructionof a defense structure and a Marina on the St. George bay (the western marina), are advancing on schedule towards their delivery in April 2000. The defense structure involves a

Civil Works on the Western Marina
Civil Works on the Western Marina

breakwater and two defense lines, espacially designed to preserve the sea view and permit public access to the water. More than 80% of the breakwater facing the marina, consisting of natural rocks and 'accropodes' (concrete blocks purpose-designed for hte protection of coastal areas) is ready. The completion of dredging works paved the way for the construction of the first defense line, a submerged reef at six meters below sea level. Thirty-five caissons, out of hte eighty constituting the second defense line, have been placed in hte sea. Construction of hte marina is proceeding, with 70% of civil works achieved by the end of the quarter.

The company is reviewing the bids for the design of the western marina, received in the first quarter from three US companies, Hallmuth, Obata and Kassabaum (HOK), EDAW and Sasaki.
The devolpent of the marina and all associated facilities is envisaged as a joint venture and SOLIDERE is seeking an investor to be its partner in the venture.
The marina is expected to be operational in the year 2001.
Another marina, planned to the east of the new land, will be part of Phase Two of the BCD development.