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L A N D S C A P I N G  t h e  c i t y  c e n t e r

The Zokak El Blatt garden overlooking the city center.
In the background, the Beirut skyline.
The Zokak El Blatt garden was landscaped to recreate the traditional Lebanese flora with olive, pine and mulberry trees.

The Roman garden, designed around the ancient paths, provides a resting place...

... and offers strollers the sights and scents of aromatic herbs and flowers such as violet, jasmine and lavender.

The city center is literally blooming. The landscaping of the
Debbas Square area focuses on flower beds with vivid colors,
intermingled with pathways of old basalt cobblestone. In the
background, some restored buildings of the Foch-Allenby area.
The nursery produces 25,000 plants per month. Originally in Martyrs' Square and groomed in the nursery since 1996,...

... this fig tree was transplanted in the Emir Amine Square.

Right, garden behind
Planet Discovery children's science museum.