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 Beirut city center: a meeting place for all
Mosque opening
The Dabbagha Mosque on Foch street was inaugurated on April 16, following the completion of restoration works.
The prayers on that occasion were led by Sheikh Mohammad Rachid Kabbani, Mufti of the Republic.
UN House conferences
UN House hosted several conferences addressing a range of issues relating to the Western Asia region. A two-day symposium was held in April, to provide "Light on the archeological and cultural cities of the Arab World".
Another colloquium during that month dealt with trade in agricultural goods. Finally, an expert group meeting, on the "Adequacy of Environmental Legislation and the Promotion of Enforcement Mechanisms", took place over three
days in June.
Other events and activities
AUB international alumni dinner
Meeting in Beirut, the international convention of the American University of Beirut (AUB) Alumni Association
brought together more than 700 people from all parts
of the world. On this occasion, it held the city center on the following day.
Health awareness campaigns
The Social Service for the Welfare of the Disabled Child in Lebanon (Sesobel) organized a march in the city center on June 6, to call attention to myopathy, a neuro-muscular disease. A number of Lebanese medical, charity and scouting associations and the Association Française des Myopathies (AFM)
joined the march. The Lebanese Osteoporosis Prevention Society also rallied thousands of people in Martyrs' Square on the morning of May 9, under the banner "Lebanon walks for stronger bones" . The event, aiming at increasing awareness about the osteoporosis disease, involved a walk through the streets of the city center, between Martyrs' Square and the St. George bay.

Roman bath theater
The Roman Baths open space set the stage for an amateur play entitled "Supermarket". A joint Lebanese-Morocan initiative, this interactive play was performed within the scope of the Young Generation Festival.
Fashion show in Foch-Allenby
Abdel Malak street turned into a scene of glamour during one evening as the design house Agnès B. held its fashion show there, amongst the attractive buildings and cobblestone streets.
The joyful crowd, rhythmic music
and colorful lights combined to create
a sparkling mood.
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Barghout flea market in Maarad street

People strolling through the
Nejmeh Square area at sunset.

Children enjoying a puppet show
on Maarad street.
Dropping by at the Barghout:
former Prime Minister Rafic Hariri
and Mrs. Hariri.
Maarad street and the Nejmeh Square area welcomed for the first time,
between May 26 and June 13, the traditional Barghout flea market.
This was a clear revival of the Beirut international exhibition held in 1921,
after wich Maarad street was named.
The street is renowned for its arcades. During the Barghout, stalls were lined up
on the ground floors of the beautifully restored buildings, displaying valuable
antiques and all kinds of bric-à- brac. In the evening, the newly installed lights
created a romantic atmosphere. A lively crowd enjoyed outdoor cafés, music
and other street entertainment.