January - March 2002
38 projects are at various stages of development: one is nearing completion, seven are under construction, and the rest are either awaiting construction permits or preparing their permit files. These figures exclude projects under design and recently concluded deals.
SOLIDERE forwarded to the Municipality the permit application file for the South Souks, and is preparing to do so for the lot 801 Mina El Hosn scheme, involving restoration and reconstruction, after its approval by the Directorate General of Urbanism (DGU).
Two schemes by other developers, also involving restoration and new construction in Mina El Hosn - a boutique hotel and a residential complex - similarly prepare to go to the Municipality, having received DGU approval.

Near completion
Société Immobilière de Presse offices

Under construction
Block 24 s.a.l. mixed-use
Lot 1053 Mina El Hosn offices
Lot 109 Marfaa offices
Marina Towers residential*
Park View Realty residential
Perimètre Immobilier mixed-use
Sport et Loisirs mixed-use

Permit obtained
Lot 1144 Zokak El Blatt
SOLIDERE residential

Permit Status and Land Use

Pending with Municipality
Berytus Parks s.a.l. offices
Elie Saab haute couture headquarters
Etoile Realty offices
Fochville offices
Four Seasons hotel
Hilton hotel
Lot 1151 Marfaa offices
Lot 172 Marfaa offices
Lot 122 Zokak El Blatt residence
Machnouk residence
Marina Towers residential*
One Park Avenue offices*
1330 Park Avenue offices
1331 Park Avenue offices
South Souks**
Talon offices
Younes hotel

Preparing file for Municipality
Lot 834 hotel**
Lot 801 Mina El Hosn residential
Medco petrol station
Naboulsi residence
Wadi Abou Jamil residential complex**

Under study
Dar Al Handasah offices
Elie Selwan residential
Faysal Abou Khadra residence
Lot 1495 Marfaa residential
Omar Salhab offices
Ritz-Carlton hotel
Sayed Moukhtar offices

Société Media Fan offices

New SOLIDERE deals
First quarter sales include:
Block 17-3 Mina El Hosn to Beirut Tower s.a.l. for a mixed-use development with a floor space of 35,000 sq m Lot 1338 Mina El Hosn to Taha Koleilat for a 16,000-sq m hotel and furnished apartments project.

New third-party deals
The Islamic Wakfs concluded development agreements for two of their properties with:
Patchi for lot 172 Marfaa
Zuheir Khayyat, Abdulrahman
Khayyat and Salaheddine Bitar
for lot 1151 Marfaa.

* Permit obtained for excavations, pending for superstructure.
** Have received DGU approval, required for large projects or modifications on existing buildings.

Marina Towers, Four Seasons hotel, Park View Realty, Karim Karagulla construction

One Park Avenue

Younes hotel

Wadi Abou Jamil residential complex

Patchi on lot 172 Marfaa

Mina El Hosn lot 1053 construction

Elie Saab on lot 1381