January - March 2002
H.M. King Mohammed VI of Morocco visited the city center, as well as Jordanian prime minister Ali Abou Ragheb, and H.H. Sheikh Maktoum bin Rached al Maktoum, UAE deputy head of state and prime minister and ruler of Dubai.
Official visitors also included:
Romanian house speaker Valer Dorneanu; British Lord Newall; a US Congressional delegation headed by Richard Gephardt; 10 members of the Czech parliament; Saudi ministry of telecommunications director Abdel Aziz al Dawahily at the head of a delegation. From the business world came:
Galeries Lafayette general manager Joel Mornet; Porsche Middle East manager Mark Bishop; Roche Pharmaceuticals Middle East general manager Ekkheard L. Betsch; Grohe (Germany) chairman-general manager Peter Korfer-Schun heading a delegation of 70; investors from Gulf Finance House and the Islamic Bank of Qatar; investors from Saudi Arabia and Qatar; manager of Arab Investment Company Fahed el-Ahmad; 15 executives from UAE

Amar construction company; members of companies in Dubai; manager of Dubai Inhouse Creative Rachid Taki; manager of Abu Dhabi Société des Centres Commerciaux Jean Hervé Bouyer; Abu Dhabi Mall & Liwa Centre manager Adnan Hejira; website design architects Hani Asfour, and Invivia Inc partners Allen Sayegh and Ziad Haddara; HighPoint Rendel manager John Bradley; Union Internationale de Télécommunications manager Hamadoun Turey; Peter Higgins from AMD in Real Life (UK); Warner Singh-Bartlet from the Oxford Business Group; Roger Shawish of R C Trading Company for Export and Import (Australia).
Visitors also included: journalists from Zeitenspiegel (Germany); a delegation of 30 journalists; 25 graduates from MIT (USA) representing US and Arab firms; 15 members of the Egyptian-Lebanese businessmen's association; 10 members of the Tunisia Lions Club; professors from Purdue university (USA); 24 students from the Ecole Polytechnique in Paris; students from a number of Lebanese universities and schools.

Arab Summit
The city center was involved in the Arab Summit held on March 27 and 28, with the new waterfront exhibition center used as the press headquarters and Monroe Hotel hosting some delegations.
During their stay, many Arab leaders and delegates took the opportunity to visit the city center.
They remarked on how beautiful and vibrant Beirut downtown had become, and praised the work of SOLIDERE for the remarkable architecture, landscaping and open spaces of the city center.

Beirut city center in the world
In New York

Beirut is part of the exhibition organized by the Van Alen Institute in New York under the theme ‘Renewing, Rebuilding, Remembering’.
The exhibition, which runs through April, features seven cities that have been rebuilt in the wake of disasters. The other cities are: Berlin, Germany; Oklahoma City, USA; San Francisco, USA; Kobe, Japan; Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina; and Manchester, England.
The Beirut section includes the city center master plan, Kathryn Gustafson's concept design for the Garden of Forgiveness, and Nadim Karam’s ‘Archaic Procession’ sculptures.

Stamp of honor
The city center’s UN House, headquarters of the Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) and other UN agencies, will figure on a postage stamp issued by the Lebanese postal authorities. The limited edition of 100,000 stamps marks the 25th
anniversary of ESCWA.