January - March 2002
Music in the city center
BIEL housed the following musical events:
Live Lebanon music festival
Amro Diab concert
Ragheb Alameh concert
Broadway Show by We Group.
On March 3, the Prague Chamber Choir performed Rossini’s Stabat Mater at the St. Louis Capuchin cathedral, as part of the Al Bustan Music Festival.
As the city center houses the National Conservatoire, music students are often seen walking along the streets or reviewing exams in the gardens.

Art in the city
Exhibitions held during the quarter included:
Pablo Picasso and Juan Miro lithographs at Instituto Cervantes Georges Goursat lithographs, and Hussein Madi drawings, at Aida Cherfan Fine Art gallery Joumana Ibrahim paintings at Lina's Sandwich shop Olivier Aubry paintings collection, and Leila Chalabi paintings, at Compagnie des Arts Hayat Karanouh photographs at La Posta restaurant local artists’ work at Martyrs’ Square cultural fair.

Shopping and entertainment
The February sales drew even more shoppers to the city center.
At the Beirut International Entertainment and Leisure Center (BIEL), the season was rich with concerts, conferences, fashion and shopping.
Local designers unveiled new fashion lines, and ‘Shopping Follies’ lasted from February 28 to March 10.

Call for peace
On January 24, a large number of people including clerics held an inter-religious gathering in Nejmeh Square. The event was organized by the National Committee for Islamic-Christian Dialogue.
After separate prayers, the participants joined their voices to call for peace in Lebanon, the region and the world.

Kid’s play
At Planet Discovery, the Dutch mime and music theater group presented the interactive play Papageno, engaging the young audience with choreographed mime and dance to classical music.
Besides bikes, scooters, rollerblades or skateboards,
children enjoyed pony rides.