October-December 2001
In and about the CITY CENTER
New deals signed by SOLIDERE

Bank of Kuwait and the Arab Countries has decided to establish its headquarters in lot 1470 on the corner of Weygand and Foch streets. Aïshti is adding a building to its compund on Moutran street. Elie Saab couture is establishing itself in lot 1381 Minet El Hosn. Agreements were signed to this effect with SOLIDERE.

Official visitors included:
Moroccan prime minister Abdul Rahman el Yusefi with a delegation of ministers and journalists from Francophone countries; Irish defense minister Michael Smith with chief-of-staff general Colm Mangan; Chinese foreign minister Tang Jiaxuan; François Loncle, foreign relations committee president at the French Assembly wit ha delegation; a delegation from the UN organization president Samir Daher; 10 members of UNDP.
The business world was represented  by: a 32-member delegation from Electricité de France and French banks; ThyssenKrupp Steel (Germany) general manager Jean Darkas; business visitors from Germany accompanied by Dr Samir Hajj; representatives of brands available at Aïshti; commercial manager of Kenzio shops in France; Frederic Najman, with Pierre Selwan, owner of Sport et Loisirs; Moro Alessandro, electronics engineer, and the head of Aley traders association.
Academics and professionals included: professor Roland Doumit from the American Hospital in Paris; members and head of the Lebanese hospitals association; members of the Rotary club in Kesrouan; 20 members of the German speaking club in Beirut; Greek historian Yannis Carras; researcher Stephane Laure from Tours University in France; students from Ecole Supérieure des Affaires (ESA); 20 engineers from Académie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts (ALBA); students from the Lebanese University.

From the media: 100 journalists from Francophone countries, accompanied by Hervé Bourges and Georges Gros, president and secretary-general of the International and Francophone Journalists Associations; other journalists from Grazia, Marie-Claire, MF Fashion, Donna, Backstage, Traveners, Shopping Milano, and the Swiss Die Weltwoche; a team from Senegal TV; photographers from Siegelgale London.
From entertainment: French singer Charles Aznavour; Video Tape Recording general manager Anthony Frend; Bob Parsons of Intaj Films.