January - March 2001
SAIFI VILLAGE - a cheerful neighborhood

A number of residents are already happily installed in Saifi Village, following the delivery of the apartment block along George Haddad street. Two other blocks have been completed, with the third to be delivered by end April.
Genuinely addressing a growing market niche, Saifi Village has registered great success, with 70% of the total space committed to date. The flats, in the mid-price range, are offered for sale, lease, or lease with option to buy.
Hardscaping works have run parallel to real estate development. Road and sidewalk paving will be completed this summer. The current works apply to most roads, leaving only tertiary roads between lots under development to be executed late. Roads are paved with basalt, sidewalk with bricks and pedestrian area with cobblestone. The installation of street lighting, signage and bollards will also be completed by the summer.
The laying of plantation soil by mid-year will prepare for the landscaping of the main open spaces; spaces between development lots will similarly be landscaped later.
Saifi Village is inspired in its design by the vernacular style of the neighborhood. The low rise apartment blocks are cleverly designed to give the impression of small-scale street architecture. Soft pastel shades reflect the color palette used on the restored buildings.
Saifi is gradually regaining its 'urban village' character. A pleasant living environment is provided in the functional and elegant flats, endowed with a network of landscaped central courtyards and walkways.
Ranging from one to four bedrooms, they benefit from high-quality finishing, modern management services and good underground car parking facilities.