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        Saida, Maghdoushe, Tyr and Qana

        Duration : Full Day

        Tour Highlights: Saida  Sea Castle Khan Franj Khan Al Saboun Maghdoushe Virgin Marie Statue Tyre Monuments The sacred site of Qana 

Visit the capital of South Lebanon, Saida including the Sea Castle, the old souk, soap museum and Khan Franj. Visit Magdoushe church and the holy cave where Virgin Mary used to wait for Jesus Christ when he preached near Saida. Visit Al Madina site in Tyre and Qana where it is believed Jesus performed his first miracle of turning water into wine Visit the monuments of Tyre that considered as one of the most important monuments in Lebanon and placed by UNESCO on the list of World Heritage Sites.




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 Musailaha fort, Zahle city,etc)
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