LEBANON (08 days / 07 nights)  -   AT / PT 01                                              

Day 01: Arrival to Beirut International Airport.
              You will be met at the Airport where full
              assistance is offered.
You will then be driven to the hotel for

Day 02: Beirut, Beiteddine & Deir El Kamar.
              Our journey starts with discovering the
              most beautiful jewel of the world, Beirut
              where we will visit its newly reconstructed
              city center & its national museum. We take
              the road of al Damour, via al Jieh to visit
              the Shouf mountain, starting with Deir El
              Kamar where we will touch the typical
              and traditional Lebanese customs gathered
              & protected all through the years in
              Moussa Castle. Proceed to Beiteddine
, House of  faith considered as a
              jewel of the Lebanese architecture of the
              XIX century .

Day 03: Byblos & Tripoli.
              Head off on a most exciting tour of  the
              city of the most ancient port in the
              world called Byblos offering over 6000
              years of History & culture.
              We take the northern highway via Jounieh
              & Tabarja, to reach the city. Visitors will
              be astonished of the number of    
              superimposed cultural layers such as
              Roman amphitheater, sanctuary & fountain
              Crusader castle and church. Proceed via
              Batroun to Tripoli to admire the castle of
              Raymond de Saint Gilles, the church of  St
              Mary of the tour transformed today to
              the Grand Mosque the Mamlouk’s
buildings with the Khans, the Hammams &
              the Tours.  

Day 04: Sidon, Tyre & Eshmoun.
              Begin your day by heading south via Al 
              Damour, Al Jieh  to reach the first
              commercial metropolis of the world (38
              Km south of Beirut),Tyre. Today, the city 
is the most vivid antique place for
              those who can contemplate the stones and
              the marble of the past centuries. Passing
              through Sarafand, we proceed to Sidon:
              Like most of the ancient Phoenician cities,
built on a promontory faced by an island.
              The major attraction is the crusader
              castle of the sea which is connected to the
              placid harbor with a short causeway. On
              our way back, 01 KM from Sidon, we
              stop to visit Eshmoun, the temple of the
              famous Phoenician God.

Day 05: Baalbeck, Anjar & Kefraya.
              Drive through the Mount Lebanon, via
              Aley, Sawfar, Bhamdoun, the Bekaa valley
              & Zahle to reach Baalbeck,the small town
              outstanding for its Acropolis considered
among the most important Roman ruins in
              the world. We can discover the
              great complex of Jupiter temple, the temple
              of Bacchus with its decorations and the one
              of Venus.Continue to Anjar, to discover
              the only remainder from the Omeyyade
              period. On our way back, stop at
              KEFRAYA Winery, to sample many
              varieties of  Lebanese wine.

Day 06: Jeita, Fakra, Harissa & Dog River.
Brace yourself for a most exciting tour
              Keserwan area, starting by the Dog River
              with its commemorative steles. Continue
              to Jeita grottoes, that have already cut 
he  breath of thousands of visitors. Two
              grottoes superimposed linked by a cable
              car, sink at thousand meters inside the
              mountains. The lower grotto will be visited
              with a bark. The upper could be explored
              on foot. Continue to Fakra, to discover its
beautiful Phoenician runes. Proceed to
              Harissa, to pay a visit to the magnificent
              statue of our Lady of  Lebanon with
              its cathedral of a Phoenician boat shape,
              where we can take the cable car down to
              Jounieh enjoying its unique a
nd spectacular
    bay view.

Day 07: Cedars, Bcharre & St Valley.
              Driving north, passing Byblos & Al
              Moussaylaha castle, we take the mountain
              road to reach this slice of  paradise called
              Cedars of Lord
(120 Km north Beirut )
              that constitutes one of the most precious
              relics of Lebanon.Continue to Becharre a
              neighboring village of the Cedars,that is the
              birth & resting place of Jibran Khalil Jibran
              Lebanon’s most famous poet, artist &
              novelist, from where you will take a global
              view of the Saint Valley & visit the unique
monastery of Saint Anthony.

Day 08: Departure from Beirut International

              Transfer to the
Airport  for the flight back .

Beiteddine Palace

The Cold Room -
Beiteddine Palace


Sidon Castel

The Great Omayyad Mosque - Baalbeck
Traditional Lebanese Mezze
Byblos Port
Ottoman Clock Tower - Beirut
Beirut - Central City

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