LEBANON, SYRIA & JORDAN (20 days / 19 nights)  -  AT / CT 04      

Program 07 nights LEB / 07 nights SYR / 05 Nights JOR

Day 01: Arrival to Beirut International Airport.
Guests will be met at Beirut International
              Airport, where full assistance is offered.

Day 02 - Day 07: Same Itinerary such as
                             AT / PT 01.

Day 08: Damascus.
              Departure to the eastern borders of
              Lebanon, via the Bekaa valley to reach the
              Lebanese / Syrian borders. After taking
              care of all formalities at the borders, arrival
              to Damascus, Tour of the city, including
              Merjeh square, the grand Omayyad
              Mosque that was built on the site of St
              John the Baptist’s Byzantine Cathedrale,
              the Tomb of St John the Baptist and the
              famous Saladin Tomb.We will also see the
              Azem Palace, one of the finest examples of
              oriental architecture, the chapel of St
              Ananias, the window of St Paul,the ancient
              walls and gates of the old city and finally
the National Museum which houses a great
              collection of priceless treasures and unique

Day 09: Seidnaya, Maaloula & Krak of the

              After breakfast, our journey starts with
              visiting the historical monastery of 
              Seidnaya continue to Maaloula, a beautiful
              city nestled in Al Qalamoun Mountains,
              where you can visit caves dating back to
              the stone age, St Takla and St Sergius’s
              Shrines and convents and best of all,mingle
              with the people of Maaloula who will
              speak the Aramean language, spoken by
              Jesus Christ. Move on to the Krak of the
              Knights, the most remarkable of the
              Crusade fortresses, situated at an altitude
              of 650 meters. Proceed to Homs for

Day 10: Homs & Palmyra.
              This day will be dedicated to a full
              sightseeing tour to Palmyra known as "the
              city of a thousand columns", exploring its
              sites. We take a walk down the great
              colonnade, see the Triumphal Arch , visit
              the temple of Baal Shamine, the Theater ,
              the Agora, the museum and the official
              banquet hall. We will also explore the
              ancient tombs on the slopes of the hills
surrounding this magnificent city.

Day 11: Hama, Apamea, Ebla & Aleppo.
              After breakfast, we leave Palmyra heading
              to Hama, for a sightseeing tour of the city,
              continue to Apamea,an ancient Greek site,
              that was a military base for the Greek
              General Salucos Necator.Proceed to Ebla,               an ancient Aramic city, that is still under
              professional supervision of Professor
              Paolo Mathea a famous Italian
              archeologist who
is excavating in the area
              for any hidden ruins. Overnight in Aleppo.

Day 12: Aleppo.
              An exciting day spent in the second largest
              city in northern Syria. Touring a most
              fascinating city combining old souks and
              the hustle & bustle of modern life. Visit the

              Aleppo citadel, one of the finest examples
              of medieval Arab military architecture,
              baths, caravan series and museum, which
              boasts unique findings . Finally stroll
              through the old souks extending for more
than 8.000 meters. Overnight in Aleppo

Day 13: Ugarit & Lattakia.
              Another adventure packed day on your
              tour to Syria, starts by visiting Ugarit, the
              ancient Canaanite city, and explore the
              temples of EL, Baal and Dagons. Proceed
              to St Simon to learn his story and see the
              beautiful remains of the “ Four Grouped
              Cross Shaped “ basilicas of St Simeon,
              built by his disciples to become one of the
              master pieces of pre-islamic art in Syria.
              Overnight in Lattakia.

Day 14: Lattakia & Damascus.
              After breakfast, we will spend our day in
              Damascus city walking around the city,
              shopping at Hamidiya Bazaar where a
              dazzling variety of middle Eastern
              souvenirs can be found, from carpets to
              Bedouin jewelry.
              Overnight in Damascus.

Day 15: Jerash.
              Early morning, Departure to the Syrian /
              Jordanian borders. After taking care of all
              the formalities at the borders, we head to
              Jerash, one of the world’s best preserved
              cities of the Roman Empire.There  you will
              be wandering through the original temples,
              theaters, plazas and the colonnaded streets
              of the ancient Romans. Overnight in Jerash.

Day 16: Petra, Wadi el Rum.
              After breakfast, head off on an exciting
              tour of Petra, carved in pink sandstone
              more than 2.000 years ago. You will walk
              in absolute awe in the city, touched by the
              beauty of all around you, awed by the
              brilliance and skilled craftsmanship that
              carved the city thousands of years ago.We
              continue to Wadi el Rum, to take a jeep
              ride into the spectacular desert to view the
              massive mountains and rocks.
              Overnight in Akaba.

Day 17: Akaba.
              A full  day spent in Jordan’s only outlet to
              the sea, Akaba, the charming little city on
              the Red sea, shaded by palm trees, lapped
              by crystal clear waters and encircled by
              purple mountains that change color
              throughout the day. Overnight in Akaba.

Day 18: Dead Sea, Mt Nebo & Madaba.
              Standing at the lowest point on earth,this is
how fascinating the experience is of visiting
              the Dead sea.This place believed to be the
              site of five biblical cities: Sodom,
              Gomorrah, Zebouin, Admah & Zoar.
              Continue to the biblical treasure of
              Madaba, called the city of Mosaics, then
              proceed to Mount Nebo,the presumed site
              of Mose’s tomb where he is thought to
              have viewed the Promised Land.Overnight
              in Amman.

Day 19: Amman.
              Begin your day , with a city tour of modern
              & ancient Amman.The tour will include the
              Citadel and the Archeological Museum,the
              Roman Amphitheater downtown & the
              modern residential areas of West Amman.
              Over night in Amman.

Day 20: Departure from Amman Airport.
After breakfast, transfer to Queen Alia
              Airport for final destination.


Palmyran Arabesque

The Azem Palace Courtyard - Damascus
Islamic Ceramics
(11th. centuries)
Maaloula Village
Damascus Museum
Roman Amphitheater


Mount Nebo

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