LEBANON & SYRIA (13 days / 12 nights)  -  AT / CT 02                               

Program 07 nights LEB / 05 nights SYR

Day 01: Arrival to Beirut International Airport.
Guests will be met at Beirut international
              Airport, where full assistance is offered.

Day 02 - Day 07: Same Itinerary such as
                             AT / PT 01.

Day 08: Palmyra.
              Early morning, Departure through the 
              northern borders to Palmyra,set in a desert
              oasis. We visit The ruins of the valley of
              Tombs, the Hypogeum of the three
              Brothers, the temple of Baal and the
              Monumental Arch which are some of the
              fine remains found over a wide radius of
              the city,prized as some of the most famous
              monuments to the Classical period in the
              Middle East. Overnight in Palmyra.

Day 09: Krak of the Knights, Homs, Hama &

              At the scheduled time, departure to visit
              Krak of the Knights, which is the most
              beautiful medieval citadel in the world. It
              was built on the site of a former castle
              erected by the Emirs of Homs to
              accommodate Kurdish Warriors.Continue
              to Hamah. Overnight  in Aleppo.

Day 10: Aleppo.
After breakfast, departure to Aleppo, the
              large metropolis of northern Syria and the
              second capital of the country. Visit Aleppo
              citadel, its fortified entrance is a marvelous
              example of Arab military architecture.
              Overnight in Aleppo.

Day 11: Ugarit & Lattakia.
              After breakfast, departure to Ugarit / Ras
              Shamra, the kingdom that had a golden 
              past in administration,education, diplomacy
              & economics between the 16th & 13th
century B.C. After Ugarit continue to
              Lattakia, for a sightseeing tour of the city.
              Overnight in Lattakia.

Day 12: Seidnaya, Maaloula & Damascus.
              At the scheduled time, we proceed to
monastery of Seidnaya, which contains a
              portrait of the virgin believed to have been
              painted by St Luke. After the visit of
              Seidnaya, we continue to visit the
              monastery of Maaloula  where you will
              find yourself in the same place that holds
              the remains of St Takla, daughter of one of
              the Selucid prices, and pupil of Saint Paul.
              Afternoon will be spent in Souk al
              Hamidieh for shopping lovers .

Day 13: Departure from Damascus Airport.
              After breakfast, transfer to Damascus       
              Airport for final destination.

We would like to inform all interested parties that these program can be tailored to your specific needs if required.

NB: For those wishing to have Beirut as port of departure, you may add 1 night in Beirut to the package.

A Damascus Bath

A Painting of St. Paul - Syria

Cuneifrom from Ugarit


Noria on the Orontes - Hama

Museum of Latakia

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