LEBANON & SYRIA (10 days / 09 nights)  -  AT / CT 01                               

07 nights LEB / 02 nights SYR.

Day 01: Arrival to Beirut International Airport.
  Guests will be met at Beirut international
              Airport, where full assistance is offered.

Day 02 - Day 07: Same Itinerary such as
                              AT / PT 01.

Day 08: Palmyra & Homs.
              Early morning , Departure through the
              northern borders, to Palmyra, in the  heart
              of the Syrian’s desert. Its magnificent
              remains tell of a heroic history during the
              reign of Queen Zenobia. Visit of the
              temples, the museum, the valley of Tombs,
              the central Avenue… Contemplation of the
              great sun set. Return to Homs for

Day 09: Krak of the Knights & Damascus.
              At the scheduled time, departure to visit
              Krak of the Knights, which is the most
              beautiful medieval citadel in the world. It
              was built on the site of a former castle
              erected by the Emirs of Homs to
              accommodate Kurdish Warriors …
              Continue to Damascus city for o

Day 10: Departure from Damascus Airport.
              After breakfast , Transfer to Damascus
              Airport for final destination.

Arches At Palmyra

The convent of Seydnaya

Barada Spring

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